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happy in the haze of a drunken hour


steal his look: frank reynolds

black leather couch - $3499

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ive watched this so many times

u know he hit the blunt right before he walked out like “just one hit no big deal” but he pulled TOO HARD

omg he’s so scared. I feel like I’ve been in this exact position. and then when letterman makes the “dave-z” joke u see his face light up and he’s like “yes… This is my friend”

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There are some automatic toilets that need 2 chill the fuck out

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Alright, fill me in, tell me everything I missed.
Won’t take long, only three things happened.

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reasons I can relate to a possum:

-tired & unkempt, smells weird
-emotions ranging from “displeased” to “existential scream”
-no work ethic
-lies around looking dead when overwhelmed
-will eat trash & live amongst trash if left to own devices
-sometimes you feel bad and feed it a sandwich

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♪ real human being and a real hero ♪

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nine days of brooklyn nine-nine day 3: favorite male character: Terry Jeffords
"He’s so strong but so gentle. He’s like an enormous, muscular Ellen DeGeneres."

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waking up:haha fuck
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